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About Argo World

How it all began

6x6 Argo Models30 years ago Barry Miller, owner of Queensway Auto World, owned an Argo. When Barry’s son Lyman grew up and took over the family run business he remembered the fun they had on that Argo from years ago.

Lyman decided that he wanted to own his own Argo; he set out to acquire one for himself. 

Lyman realized that there was no one in the Prince George area that sold them. Lyman saw an opportunity to expand the business, and contacted Argo to see about installing an Argo dealer within Queensway Auto World, and Argo World was born. Tom Griffiths partnered with Queensway Auto World and became the “go to” man for everything involving Argo’s. Tom takes care of the day to day management of all aspects of Argo World including serving the customers, ordering parts, maintaining and repairing Argo’s and much more. Adding Argo sales and service to the existing business was a natural fit to the contours of the company. Based out of Prince George, Argo World is well situated to provide service to a large area of Argo clientele.

Argo went from not being available in central B.C. to being very successful, due to the devotion of our service. We continue to see Argo grow and have now expanded in the commercial side of the industry, which is great for the province. There is a great demand for Argo’s in commercial businesses in B.C. and Argo World continues to flourish into this area.

Whether you are interested in an Argo for personal or commercial use, Argo World has everything you are looking for to make your experience a positive one.

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New Arrivals

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