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Frequently Asked Questions

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6x6 Argo ModelsHere you will find the answers tocommonly asked Argo questions. We will be adding new ones often, so please check back.

If you have a question that was not listed below, contact us, and we would be happy to answer it for you.

Q - Will an Argo Float?

A - Yes, an Argo will float. Argo’s are amphibious, that means they are capable of making it through all kinds of wetland environments including slow moving streams, rivers and small lakes. The Argo’s specially designed tires help propel it through water.

Q – Are Argo’s high maintenance?

A – No, Argo’s are not high maintenance. However, some maintenance is very important to the life of an Argo. We are happy to educate our customers on how to properly maintain their Argo so they can have many years of low cost operation.

Q - How does the price of an Argo compare to other All Terrain Vehicles?

A - Compared to other All Terrain Vehicles like Quads and Side by Sides, Argos are extremely comparable. Plus, an Argo can go places that a Quad, Rhino, or Side By Side can’t.

Q - What seasons can Argo be used?

A - Argo’s are good to use 12 months of the year. With Argo, you are not limited by the season; it is good for Snow, mud, swamp and water. 1 machine 4 seasons.

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