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This page features the latest Argo news, downloads and videos. Be sure to check back often to stay informed of the newest models and technology.

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Introducing the new ARGO 8x8 XTI, the hardest working ARGO ever!

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Aug 2015, New Target Market Vehicles Unveiled at Argo Expo

ARGO, the world leading extreme vehicle manufacturer, today released several new vehicle options designed for outdoor enthusiasts and commercial applications alike. The target market models were unveiled as part of a week-long global sales expo which saw upwards of 150 dealers and international distributors attend various sales and marketing training sessions, in addition to taking part in demo rides and a vendor village of the company’s key suppliers. New ARGO vehicles unveiled at the expo included the new ARGO Wilderness Series – Geared towards outdoorsmen, anglers and hunters who traverse the world’s toughest terrain, the new Wilderness series of vehicles features the ARGO Outfitter, ARGO Scout and ARGO Duck Master, the latter designed in conjunction with feedback from Willie and Jase of Duck Commander fame.

As part of the 2016 model changeover, ARGO has introduced a number of exciting new vehicle features and improvements. Click on the Read More button to download the press release.

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2012 ARGOs deliver true freedom for those who hunt and fish—the ultimate amphibious off-road vehicle for any wilderness experience!

People who are passionate about hunting and fishing are often seeking something greater—personal freedom. Freedom from the stress of the workplace, freedom from having to conform and, of course, the freedom to pursue another outdoor mystery lying just over the horizon. Traditional off-road vehicles can be very limiting when used for accessing the wild places that hunters and fishermen dream of, leaving memorable adventures frustratingly out of reach. But the ARGO family of vehicles can make hunting and fishing dreams reality. ARGO's flagship model--the 750HDi--and other units in the ARGO fleet have the combined capabilities of a UTV, snowmobile and small boat. It is a true utility terrain vehicle that goes everywhere sportsmen want to! Whether putting up deer stands in flooded areas, bass fishing on a hidden pond or hauling gear into the Canadian Rockies, one ARGO makes it all possible!

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The 2012 Amphibious ARGOs Let Riders Reign Over Any Terrain!

ARGO is proud to continue their segment-shattering off-road dominance with a 2012 lineup offering the most versatile and durable off-road machines available today! People who are passionate about riding off-road often discover that traditional ATVs and UTVs just can't get the job done when used for accessing the remote areas that hunters and property owners' dream of. But the ARGO family of vehicles lets riders reign over any terrain! Owning an amphibious ARGO UTV gives outdoor enthusiasts and landowners the freedom to go anywhere, anytime with minimal impact. ARGOs offer unmatched capability to carry friends and co-workers into remote areas, explore wild places despite physical limitations, and of course, pursue another hunting or fishing adventure lying just over the horizon. ARGO's flagship model--the 750HDi--and other units in the ARGO fleet have the combined capabilities of a UTV, snowmobile and small boat.

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2012 ARGO 8x8 750 HDi and 8x8 Centaur - The Most Capable, Low-Impact, Amphibious and Extreme Performance Vehicles for Drilling, Exploration and Mining Fleets

Mining and mineral extraction involves overcoming many difficult challenges; maintaining an all-season, all-terrain vehicle fleet should not be one of them. Work crews and equipment must have the freedom to traverse miles of undeveloped wilderness for prospecting new mining sites, conducting environmental surveys and managing drilling rigs during any time of the year over an endless variety of solid and semi-liquid terrain. ARGO's flagship HDi and Centaur models offer the best of all worlds for Fleet Managers operating in remote areas. These unique machines have a low relative cost, in comparison to tracked hydrostatic vehicles or helicopters, and balance a low terrain impact with a high payload capability for both personnel and gear.

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Incredible Transportation And Unmatched Value for Fire & Rescue Fleets

Fire & Rescue units face constant budget challenges. Maintaining a fleet of vehicles to support rescue efforts in hard-to-reach areas and wild lands can be a daunting task for any department manager. The 2012 ARGO and Centaur lineup solves this complex puzzle for fire & rescue fleet managers by offering the best of all worlds. ARGO's flagship models have a low relative cost when compared to traditional fire & rescue vehicles, tracked hydrostatics, or light watercrafts. They balance a low terrain impact with a high payload capability for both personnel and gear. For 2012, the ARGO Fire Chief is the best value, extreme-terrain capable solution for delivering fire fighting and rescue crews and equipment anywhere they are needed.

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